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    All Games Canceled for Thursday May 25th

    Sr and Big League will start in May, more info on those leagues to follow.

    2017 District Six Umpire Training Program

    This year we are again offering our three part series for new/younger umpires (3 years or less of experience) district umpire training program.


    The contents that are planned to be covered during these sessions, as they relate to Little League Baseball and Softball, are;


    ·        Field Positions

    ·        Set Positions

    ·        Working the Plate

    ·        Slot Position

    ·        Strike Zone Philosophies

    ·        Check List and Topics to Discuss at pre-game meeting

    ·        Umpire Communication during a game

    ·        Call Diagrams

    ·        Umpire to Umpire Signals

    ·        Key Communication Terminology

    ·        Principles of Umpiring

    ·        Understanding of Common Rules

    ·        Myths of Baseball/Softball

    ·        Handling Conflicts

    ·        Guidelines to avoid trouble

    ·        Case Studies


    These training sessions will be held on January 25th, February 22nd  & March 29th from 7:00 PM to 9:00 PM at 58 South Wilson (Between Cass & Church Street), Mount Clemens, MI 48043.


    Please provide me a list of umpires that may be attending these sessions from your league by January 20th so we can plan accordingly for handouts, number of trainers, etc. For those that use the MDSUA for your umpiring services, I will be contacting the newer umpires within the association separately.


    Please note that I will still be scheduling our usual district wide rule and field mechanic clinics for all umpires, but these sessions are specifically being prepared for newer umpires and getting them started or putting them back on the right track.




    Rob Rochon

    Michigan District Six UIC

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