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    2020 GPPLL Season Update and Registration Confirmation


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    Coaching Coordinator

    Charlene Williams
    Safety Officer

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    Andrew Wiegand

    GPPLL Families,

    With the most recent Executive Order from the Governor this week which eases restrictions on gatherings and events, we are excited to be planning for a delayed Grosse Pointe Park Little League season! We are reaching out to you with some more details to allow your family to make a decision for your child's participation given targeted season dates and safety considerations.

    GPPLL plans to begin practicing around June 10th with games beginning around June 20th. Final schedule details are still being worked out but expect 2-3 games per week with the season ending Mid-August. We will not have games scheduled over the week of the 4th of July, June 28th thru July 5th and considerations are being made to have some baseball free weekends throughout the season to allow for family trips up north, out on a boat or just get away!

    It is also possible some games will be played against GP Farms-City and Grosse Pointe Woods-Shores Little Leagues. These games would be played at the home fields of all three leagues. The schedule and logistics of “Interleague” play are still being worked.

    We understand there are a lot of things your family will need to consider in allowing your child to play and we will fully respect every family's decision.  Below is our starting list of safety precautions we are working through on how to implement and keep everyone involved as safe as possible. We will continue to adjust our guidelines as we get more information and recommendations from the State, County, the CDC and Little League International.


    A. Phase 1 Practices

    1. All coaches, players, parent volunteers will adhere to government guidelines and restrictions regarding social distancing.  During this initial phase, that means keeping 6ft distance on the field and off, during practice. 

    2. Coaches and players will be asked to self-monitor symptoms and health issues before coming to practice.  Anyone experiencing symptoms of any illness is asked to stay home.   Players and coaches are encouraged to bring a mask in their equipment bag, for any situation where 6ft distance cannot be maintained, but masks will not be required to be worn during practice. 

    3. Teams will designate a safety coach, who will assist the manager in compliance with these safety guidelines.

    4. Players' own equipment bags will be stored outside the dugout, in an area designated by the coaches, to be spread 6 ft apart. 

    5. No sharing of any equipment besides baseballs, and if necessary, bats.  To the extent bats need to be shared, the designated safety coach will wipe down the bat handle in between uses.  Players are encouraged to have their own helmet with a faceguard.  For players that do not have their own helmet, each manager will have a bag of helmets, but no helmet will be worn by more than one player on a given day.  The manager and/or safety coach will wipe down the “team helmets” after each practice.  Players are also encouraged to have their own batting gloves.

    6. Players and Coaches are asked to bring their own water bottles/drinks. There will be no team water cooler.

    7. No sunflower seeds, big league chew, or snacks allowed during practice.  Players can bring their own personal snack to eat before or after practice.

    8. Players are encouraged to arrive no more than 10 minutes prior to their scheduled practice time, and must remain off the field of play until the prior practice has ended, and that team has exited the field.  Social distance should be maintained while on the field, or on school property while waiting for practice to begin.

    9. No physical contact among players; high fives, hugs, fist bumps are all discouraged. 

    B. Phase 2 Games

    1. Phase 1 Guidelines 

    2. Any additional measures as mandated by State and Local governments specific to baseball.

    As a result of our plan, we are asking you to confirm your desire to play GPPLL this season or request withdrawal. Please respond via the email link you received no later than Saturday, June 6th.

    Your Volunteer Grosse Pointe Park Little League Board of Directors

    Go Park, Play Ball!


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